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A Decentralized Meme Cryptocurrency & Marketplace with instant rewards to active users and Awesome Tokenomics.

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Not yet launched



Presale is


Taking NFTs to a whole new level.

PussNFT Market, A place were NFT Creators and NFT Holders can Buy, Sell & Print their original Art.


Modern NFT Marketplace to buy exclusive NFTs, Discover and Sell Unique NFTs, Wearables or Prints.

PussNFT Exclusive NFTs in cooperation with top brands and artists alike.

NFT Wearables, Prints and more.

Market offering exclusive NFTs with exclusive merchandise.

Limited edition NFTs in cooperation with well-known artists and brands.

A Creators Marketplace.

Along with our exclusive content, we open the doors for NFT artists, brands, and startups.

Powered by the Binance Smart Chain for low fee transactions and expands to the newest blockchains.

Opening the doors to Artist from various Blockchains.

Some blockchain additions are subject to technology availability. There is no particular order and any new additions will be announced in due time.


Every Buy & Sale of $PTOKEN is subject to a 6% Fee and is distributed as follows for Project Grow.

2% Marketing
  • Reach & More Investment
  • Total 4%

1% Holders
  • Rewarding our Holders
  • Total 2%

  • rewards are automatically distributed in BUSD

3% Development
  • Team & Overhead
  • Total 6%


$PTOKEN Token distribution

* Non-circulating tokens are locked for 6 months and will be extended as needed. Non circulating tokens use case is not limited to, Cross Chain Liquidity, Farming or Token Burn.

10% of the treasury tokens will be used for promotional purposes and the use case is not limited to, Airdrop, Community Participation, Events, NFTs Contest, Invitations and more.

Initially it will be locked and unlocks after first Promo.

LP Locked
  • Liquidity is Locked for 365 days
10% Of Treasury for Promos
  • 10% of Treasury tokens will be used for Promos.
  • 90% is Locked for 30 Days

*Locked times will be voted by community.

1.5B Locked
  • Non-circulating tokens are locked for 6 months


A recipe for moon like grow and features.

Phase #1

  • Initial Website Launch
  • Contract Audit
  • Initial Marketing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • Coin Market Cap Listing

Phase #2

  • Initial CEX Listings
  • Telegram Growth
  • Twitter Growth
  • Ongoing Marketing

Phase #3

  • Top 10 CEX Listings
  • New Website
  • Multi Chain Expansion
  • Merch Store Launch

Phase #4

  • Top tier CEX Listings
  • Top tier Audit
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Merch Launch NFT Wearables

Phase #5

Preparing for the Future.
  • To be Announced...

Frequently asked questions

PussToken is A Decentralized Meme Cryptocurrency & Marketplace with instant rewards to active users and Awesome Tokenomics On the Binance Smart Chain. Its starting features include automatic liquidity for price stabilization, HOLDR Rewards and a Marketing Wallet to promote the project for growth.


Treasury wallet contains 10% of the total supply, this wallet is locked and its use case will be decided by community vote.

The treasury wallet was created for future use, as we launch PussToken, new features will be added. Having the treasury wallet ensures that we are prepared for any new additions that may require additional tokens.

Similar to dividends, Holders rewards get automatically sent by the Smart contract to all Holders to their wallets. The more you HOLD, the larger your rewards are. The funds rewarded come from the 2% Holder Rewards fee charged at transactions on Dex or Cex Exchanges.

PussNFT refers to our NFT Marketplace, a place where NFT creators can sell, auction, buy and build portfolios with low fees.

Unlike other projects on Etherium Blockchain, we use the power of Binance Smart Chian to offer low transfer / transaction fees. We also plan to expand to different Blockchains, this gives Our Market a broader reach compared to others and thus provides a platform for NFT creators to offer their NFTs on other Blockchains.

The $PTOKEN use case will be in our Marketplace, it will be used as currency to buy NFT and pay Sellers.

Buyers use $PTOKEN to purchase their NFT.
Sellers are paid in $PTOKEN.

The sale price of the NFTs will be in $BNB Cryptocurrency.

Once the asked price is reached, this $BNB is converted to $PTOKENs and Buyers used this Tokens to Purchase their NFTs.

*Sellers will be paid in $PTOKEN after conversion.


The fees charged will be used for platform maintenance and price stabilization, Fees are collected in the form of $BNB on convertions.

This stabilizations includes but is not limited to Buyback and Burns.

How to get $PTOKEN

We are currently available on the following DEX exchanges.

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